Year 10 Japanese Commercial Making Day 2021

On Tuesday last week, the JLTASA hosted the annual Year 10 Japanese Commercial Making Day at St John’s Grammar School. This was the 6th year that we have hosted this event for our Year 10 students. 70 students and 10 teachers from 8 schools attended the event. Students were put into 14 teams made up of at least 2 different schools. We started with having some time to get to know each other through Japanese conversation and fun Katakana and Kanji team games. Then we watched a few Japanese commercials to start to understand the themes genres and language used in the wild, crazy and heart-warming Japanese commercials. From here students were given Japanese products, and challenged to create an authentic Japanese style commercials in a set timeframe.

As always, the final products were of a high standard and tapped into student’s language and cultural understanding along with collaboration and entrepreneurial skills.

The winning commercial as voted by the judges included students from Unity College St John’s Grammar School and is attached here for you to see. The people’s choice award was given to a group of students from Immanuel and Westminster.

Well done and thank you to everybody involved. With travel to and from Japan on hold, it was a great chance for our students to immerse in Japanese language and culture.

The event filled up in 24 hours, sorry to those who missed out, we hope you can come along to the Year 9 Quiz Day in Term 3 or be able to bring students to the 2022 Movie Making Day.