Membership benefits:

  • Free registration to JLTASA PL sessions.
  • Student participation in JLTASA events.
  • Discount registration to annual JLTASA Conference.
  • Eligibility for a variety of grants.
  • Access to professional networking communities.
  • Email updates relevant to Japanese education.

Membership Fees 2024:

  • $ 65.00 per year – Individual Membership (including TRT)
  • $ 40.00 per year – Non-Practising Membership (Student/Non-practicing/Retired/NT teachers)
    **NORTHERN TERRITORY TEACHERS – please join using this $40 membership**
  • $ 125.00 per year – Institutional Membership (School/Organisation for up to 4 teachers)
  • $ 250.00 per year – Institutional Membership (School/Organisation for up to 6 teachers)
  • $ 300.00 per year – Institutional Membership (School/Organisation for 7 or more teachers)

All memberships are managed through Educators SA and renew on February 1st each year.

An advocacy letter for your principal or site leadership can be found here (JLTASA Letter to Principals), to support your membership if necessary.

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A Handy Guide to Managing Your Membership Through the EdSA Gateway is available here for you if you need assistance, or don’t hesitate to Contact EdSA if you have further questions that aren’t covered in the FAQs:

Northern Territory Teachers

You can now sign up as individual members to JLTASA Inc, using the $40 membership rate.

This membership provides you with the option to attend JLTASA professional learning (in-person and online) and join our hub group/s. This membership does not qualify you to apply for grants or enter student events.