JLTASA Game – Ryokou Japan

We are excited to announce the JLTASA Game which has been in development for a couple of years now as a result of COVID-related delays, is now available!

A suite of resources have been very generously prepared by Alison Zogopoulos (see sample below), complete with learning intentions and reflection questions.

A guide on how to install the game is available here: Ryokou Japan – How to Install. Please note access to the game file is not restricted to a certain number of users or devices.

Game access is available to financial members and can be achieved by completing the link below.

Access requests will be checked once per week and will commence from the membership renewal period of 1st February 2022.

Please note under copyright and intellectual property rights you must not share the game outside of your site. You will also forfeit access to the game if you are not an active, paying member of JLTASA, given the game has been developed using grant money applied for and won by JLTASA.