Kaiwa no Hi

On Thursday 7th October, the JLTASA hosted the annual Stage 2 Kaiwa no Hi at Nazareth Catholic College. More than 20 SACE Stage 2 Beginners and Continuers students from 8 different schools attended the event. Students participated in a variety of station activities with small groups of students from a mix …

Resource Donations

It is not an understatement to say that Hiroshi Haga (1946-2018) was a shining beacon of light to the Japanese teachers of South Australia. As one of the founding members of the JLTASA nearly 50 years ago, and through his teaching at Northfield and Norwood Morialta High Schools (amongst others) …


A chance meeting between Jarrod Hoare and Jen Gilbert at Monarto Safari Park in August 2020 sparked an idea that finally came together in May 2021: A Japanese language immersion tour of Monarto. Most members of the JLTASA are familiar with Jarrod’s wonderful Japanese/English bi-lingual performances of Rakugo and kyogen, …

2020 Yuru-kyara Competition

Thank you to all the schools and students who submitted their entries for the 2020 Yura-kyara competition. The entries were all very high level. Our guest manga artist judge was very impressed with the talent and creativity from all entries. Based on the criteria of connection to the yura kyara theme, artistic style, creativity and language, the list of winners is as follows.

Year 3/4

1st Blackwood Primary School, 2nd Blackwood Primary School, 3rd Blackwood Primary School

Year 5/6

1st Blackwood Primary School, 2nd St Peter’s Woodlands, 3rd Blackwood Primary School & St Peter’s Woodlands

Year 7/8

1st Nazareth College, 2nd Blackwood Primary School, 3rd Gleeson College


Year 9/10

1st Nazareth College