About us

The Association aims to promote and support Japanese language teaching and learning in South Australia. This is an objective we have been achieving each year since the establishment of JLTASA in 1973. In 2013 we celebrated the 40th year of JLTASA. It was a significant year to reflect on the development and successes of Japanese language education in South Australia, whilst also recognising our profession’s commitment to continued positive growth and enthusiasm in the future. This year, may we celebrate the impact Japanese language education continues to have on our students and teachers in South Australia.

Objectives of the association:

  1. To promote the study of Japanese Language at all levels in South Australian Educational Institutions.
  2. To facilitate mutual support for teachers of Japanese Language through regular newsletters, sharing of resources, hub group activity, general meetings, professional development and annual conferences.
  3. To promote the value and needs of Japanese Language teaching in South Australian Schools.
  4. To work in close cooperation with other monolingual associations, intrastate, interstate and overseas.
  5. To work in close cooperation with other Japan-related Associations, both in our own state and throughout Australia.

2020 Committee

Cindy Pitkin (St Peter’s Girls’ School)

Vice President:
Heather Jackson (Nazareth Catholic College)

Jen Gilbert (Retired)

Kate Satomura (Blackwood Primary School)

General Committee Members:
Lucas Brenen (North Haven School)
Christina Challinger (Open Access College)
Tom Dawson (Gleeson College)
Catherine Emmerson (St John’s Grammar School)
Ilana Nicolle (Project Officer, Languages Education, Department for Education)
Chikako Oguma (Blackfriars Priory School)
Meagan Zander (Open Access College)
Alison Zogopoulos (Open Access College)