2022 Western Hiragana Competition

Hiragana Contest JLTASA Report 7/9/22

It was with great excitement that the Western Primary Schools’ Hiragana Contest was held after a 2 year hiatus at Kidman Park Primary School. Year 5/6 students from Flinders Park PS, Kidman Park PS, North Haven PS, West Beach PS and Westport PS entered the competition.

In teams of 4, students participated in a heated round robin competition to determine the Western Suburbs champion school. Students competed at reading both individual Hiragana and 2 character words. After 12 rounds, Flinders Park’s Nihongo Hoshi took home the trophy with Flinders Park Hiragana Tatsu 2 coming in second place and West Beach Sakura Dragons coming in third. A great day was had by all and thanks to a grant from JLTASA every student went home with a prize they could tell their classmates about when they returned to their schools.

“It was really fun. Everyone had lots of turns and improved as the day went on.” Tyla

“I liked the prizes.” Jack

“Yummy pocky!” Evan

“All the teams showed great sportsmanship and were encouraging, even when you made a mistake.” Nate

“Some of the other kids were as fast as lightning.” Imogen