2022 Southern Hiragana Competition

Our Southern Area Hub Group’s Annual Hiragana Reading Competition was held for the 18th year on Wednesday September 14th.

This year we had 22 teams of 4 entered which is a total of 88 students! We started by dividing into 2 groups in a round robin playoff. Teams played off, competing in 4 rounds each. This round had students reading the single 46 hiragana characters. From here the top 4 teams from both groups went on to take part in the finals. The top 8 teams had to read words consisting of 2 characters in the first final round, then 3 character words and then for the 1st through to 4th place positions teams had to read 4 character words.

The competition was fierce! It came down to the wire in many cases and the judges had a very difficult job. It goes to show that our students are working really hard and enjoying the challenge of their Japanese learning.

Woodend PS took out 1st and 2nd place, with Glenelg PS coming 3rd.

Schools participating this year were Woodend PS, Sheidow Park PS, Woodcoft PS, Blackwood PS, Calvary PS, Hallett Cove East PS, Seacliff PS, Warradale PS, Reynella East College, Aldinga Beach PS, Glenelg PS, Woodcroft College and Hallett Cove South PS.

Congratulations to all students involved for great sportsmanship and efforts on the day.

Congratulations to all teachers for their efforts with the students and to Reynella East College for hosting the event. It shows the strong commitment to Japanese learning within our district.