2016 Year 6/7 Quiz Day

Joy in Japanese learning at Primary school was on display at EDC on May 30. The JLTASA Year 6/7 Quiz was again a reminder that the language learning programs in South Australian primary schools are successful and in full force! With 16 schools from all three sectors attending, 156 SA kids enjoyed teaming up with different schools and sharing in a fun Japanese Quiz. This year’s quiz introduced some new material with greater emphasis on the current Australian Curriculum for Japanese along with some new activities such as team captain selection with hachimaki prizes and kendama.

2016 Year 6-7 Quiz Day

The traditional favourites were again popular such as entertaining you tube clips, heads and tails true or false games and the ever so popular Jan Ken Pon warm up game. Quiz categories varied from Hiragana, Kanji and Vocab to Modern Culture, Traditional Culture, Geography and a Listening Section prerecorded by committee member and native Japanese speaker Keiko. The quiz questions were mostly new this year and pleasingly the score results showed amazing skill and knowledge by contestants as well as some challenges which allowed for new experiences and
further learning. The staff attending provided great enthusiasm and support which helped keep the positive atmosphere for all the kids. The prizes from Japan were yet again a big hit!

This event is now run over two sessions to cater for the growing number of participating schools and students. The online registration is brilliant in supporting the smooth organisation of this event. Thanks James. The team coordinating the Quiz this year are to be congratulated on their efficient organisation resulting in a fantastic day – Alysha Milani, Christina Challenger, Jayne O’Mahoney and Skye Baldacchino.